General Assembly, The Board of Directors, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Sr. Executive Director, Executive Director, Executive Director
Management & Support Department
General Affairs
  • Working on human resources, purchasing, accounting, and management
  • Administering general affairs related to the member companies
  • Holding and managing events, including regular general assembly
  • Engaging in social contribution activities such as donation of medicines
  • Managing and operating the computer system and homepage
  • Publishing the Drug Production Performance Chart
  • Collecting statistical data related to the pharmaceutical industry and maintaining a reference library
  • Training managers of manufacturing & importation
  • Conducting training related to GMP and MR certification
  • Conducting on-line training related to MR and the Code of Fair Competition
  • Planning and maintaining various training programs for training staff and those in pharmaceutical marketing
Communication Department
  • Working toward improving public recognition of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Engaging in media relations activities, including drawing up press releases, holding interviews and meetings
  • Pre-view drug advertisements
  • Collecting and analyzing current status of pharmaceutical industry
External Affairs Department
Drug Pricing Policy & Fair Competition
  • Involvement in policy making activity regarding the optimal pricing of reimbursable drugs
  • Supporting policy-making for the pharmaceutical pricing system
  • Working for the introduction of and compliance with a program for voluntary compliance with fair trade
  • Working on a Code of Fair Competition
International Affairs
  • Cooperating with international organizations such as IFPMA, WSMI
  • Engaging in activities for general assemblies of APAC and APSMI
  • Cooperating for trade related to WHO and FTA
  • Promoting export and FDI
Pharmaceutical Policy Department
  • Proposing pharmaceutical product policies
  • Supporting R&D of pharmaceutical products
  • Supporting the production and distribution of international level quality medicines
  • Helping member companies to strengthen their capability in order to enter into the global market
  • Operating APEC Harmonization center secretariat
Bio Pharmaceutical Policy Department
  • Proposing policies and submitting opinions related to biomedicines
  • Supporting the research and development of biomedicines