The 2nd Comprehensive Plan to Foster and Support Pharmaceutical Industry

Becoming a pharmaceutical powerhouse that provides health and jobs with the people Four Goals : Strengthening R&D Capacity to further New Drug Development, Nurturing professional manpower for the pharmaceutical industry, Strengthening export support system, Establishing platform for fostering pharmaceutical industry


  • Fostering the next generation promising fields that lead the 4th industrial revolution
  • Enhancing support system to raise success rate of new drug development
  • Promoting pharmaceutical R & D investment for the public interest

System Improvement

  • Promoting private investment through policy finance support and tax relief
  • Strengthening systemic foundation for more new drug development
  • Establishing the system to reflect ecosystem change of the pharmaceutical industry

Nurturing Human Resources

  • Strengthening education of experts in various pharmaceutical industries
  • Expanding support for quality job creation
  • Activating entrepreneurship to enlarge growth engine of pharmaceutical industry

Export Support

  • Establishing platform for overseas entrance
  • Improving export capability of pharmaceutical companies
  • Promoting entrance of local pharmaceutical market overseas
  • Working toward improving public recognition of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Engaging in media relations activities, including drawing up press releases, holding interviews and meetings
  • Pre-view drug advertisements
  • Collecting and analyzing current status of pharmaceutical industry
Employment from Pharmaceutical Industry : 2016 = 95,000, 2018 = 110,000, 2022 = 140,000, 2025 = 170,000 Global New Drug Blockbuster : 2016 = 3, 2018 = 6, 2022 = 15, 2025 = 23